Who is using Economic Simulation Library?

Current projects

There are several projects which are planning on using ESL. It is our hope that these varied use cases both test the generalizability of our library and result in the instantiation of a wide breadth of common economic components which future users can employ.

An Agent-Based Model of the Insurance Sector

A better understanding of insurance markets through the agent-based perspective of the Economic Simulation Library. Read More ›

Financial Stress Testing

A system-wide stress test that does take into account different types of financial institutions and their interconnections. Read More ›

An Agent-Based Model of the UK Housing Market

A better understanding of heterogeneities and nonlinear effects in housing markets, with a focus on the UK. Read More ›

Quantifying the Economic Roles of Infrastructure

A spatially accurate agent-based model of the UK economy in order to quantify the inter-relationship between infrastructure and economic activity. Read More ›